Portfolios Photoworks by Nico Bick are for sale as high quality prints (chromogenic colour or archival pigment), either as single prints or as a series of prints in a portfolio.

Prints are produced in several sizes (e.g. 80x100cm, 100x125cm or 125x150cm), mounted on aluminium, signed and framed in a handmade wooden frame with extremely clear, UV-absorbing and non-reflective art glass.

Portfolios are handmade boxes with a textured linen cover. They contain three prints (sheet 40x50cm) in acid-free paper,
a list of plates and a colophon with a signature.

If you are interested in the purchase of a print, a portfolio or to commission Nico Bick for a special work, please call or send an e-mail for more information on price and availability.

To maintain this website and support continuity of Nico Bick's work, donations are highly appreciated. You can contribute via PayPal. Feel free to adjust the amount as you please. Thank you!